Product detail
ZSCF-50 Solenoid valve

This product is automatic tracking and positioning jet extinguishing system dedicated solenoid valve, the use of negative pressure floating guide valve structure, super pilot hole, no fouling, no corrosion, quick opening and closing, reliable performance. To avoid the traditional solenoid valve, because the pilot hole is too small, too long, easy to scale, rust, corrosion caused congestion, resulting in electromagnetic valve can not work properly, resulting in not guarantee timely fire hazards.

main argument
Norminal Diameter DN50
Nominal Pressure 1.6MPA
Ambient Temperature Max.+60℃
Medium Temperature 5℃~50℃
Electric Tension AC220V
Energetic Start-up AC220V 350W
Voltage Error -15%~+10%
Dimension 160X140X245mm