Product detail
ZNM-HS-B01D Dual Band Video Flame Detector

Dual-band video flame detector using dual-lens video image acquisition, analysis, processing, detection technology, is a set of video image transmission alarm in one of the new generation of high-tech, high intelligence fire detection controller. The dual-band video flame detector can transmit the real-time color video image limit number to the control center, while the dual-band video flame detector real-time image analysis and processing, so that dual-band video flame detector and image monitoring organic combination.

main argument
Detection Range 5-60m
Level Of Sensitivity 10%-95%
Aresponse Time ≤10s
Alarm Power Supply Current 30mA
MonitoringSupply Current 10mA
Reset Time 1S
Operating Environment -30-+55°C
Weight 1.3kg
Outer size 340x140x100mm