Product detail
ZDMP0.25/5S-SA Automatic tracking and positioning jet fire-extinguishing device

The fire extinguishing device is coordinated by intelligent detection module and sprinkler head, and the intelligent detection module completes fire monitoring and linkage alarm within the protected area. When the intelligence detection component detects the fire, the alarm signal is output immediately, the solenoid valve is started and the pump is started. At this time, the special circular jet hole structure of the sprinkler head is used to realize the large flow of 360 degree uniform sprinkler under low water pressure. When the intelligent detection module is monitored and the fire is extinguished, all linkage actions are switched off and the sprinkler heads are stopped to spray water. If there is a reignition, repeat the above action. The device has the characteristics of low price, beautiful appearance, wide application range, sensitive detection and remarkable fire extinguishing effect. It is not only the ideal substitute for the old spray head, but also fills the blank of no direct fire extinguishing products in large space. The device can be connected to the pipe network of fire control network, fire hydrant pipe network and automatic fire extinguishing sprinkling system. Its comprehensive cost is similar to the traditional sprinkler system. It is one of the newest and ideal high-tech products to eliminate fire hazards.

main argument
Jet radius 6.7m
Maximum protective radius 6m
Monitoring radius 10m
Height of installation 6~15m
Rated flow 5L/s
Work environment 5℃~55℃
Rated working pressure 0.25MPa
Interface diameter DN25(Thread)
Water spray Rotary spraying
Outer size 60x60x120mm