Product detail
ZDM09-4AS Linkage expansion module

The fire extinguishing device through the intelligent detection components and spray head with the work, intelligent detection components to complete the protection of the scope of the fire monitoring and linkage alarm. When the intelligent detection component detects the fire, the output signal immediately, start the solenoid valve, start the pump, this time, spray head special circumferential nozzle structure, under low water pressure to achieve a large flow of 360 ° even sprinkler fire. When the intelligent detection unit detects that the fire is extinguished, turn off all interlocking actions and spray the head to stop the water. If repeated, repeat the above operation.

main argument
Input voltage AC220V
The Signal Transmission Form Data CAN bus
Electromagnetic Valve To Control The Output Terminals 2 pairs
Fire Alarm Input Terminals 1 pair
Passive Contact Output Terminals 2 pair
Working Temperature 4-55℃
Protection Grade IP40
Dimensions 120X90X40mm