Product detail
ZNM-GY-A01D Laser beam smoke detector

Is designed to adapt to open large-scale fire smoke detection alarm designed a new generation of intelligent fire detection products. The product works according to the principle of dimming and vibration: when the smoke into the host and reflect the area between the plate, you can make the optical signal is weakened. When the dimmer rate reaches the set threshold, the detector will alarm; the thermal disturbance caused by the flame burning will change the air medium characteristics between the optical path, so that the optical signal vibration, when the vibration and fire characteristics, The device will alarm.

main argument
Detection Range 6-100m
Level Of Sensitivity 10%-95%
Aresponse Time ≤10s
Alarm Power Supply Current 30mA
Monitoring Supply Current 10mA
Reset Time 1s
Operating Environment -30-+55℃
Weight 1.6kg
Outer size 310x110x100mm