Product detail
ZDMS0.6/5S-SA Automatic tracking and targeting jet suppression equipment

ZDMS0.6/5S-SA automatic tracking and positioning jet fire extinguishing device (hereinafter referred to as fire extinguishing device) is a new generation of high technology and high intelligence fire fighting and extinguishing products, which integrates detection, alarm and fire extinguishing. The device adopts infrared and ultraviolet compound sensing and detection technology and CAN bus communication technology. It has a high intelligent tracking and positioning jet fire extinguishing capability. This fire extinguishing device is mainly used in large space workshop, warehouse, stadium, cinema, airport, convention and Exhibition Center, large shopping malls and other places. If the jet medium is used as extinguishing agent, the fire extinguishing device can also be applied to more complicated places such as computer rooms, gas stations, high precision instruments and meters, etc. The ZDMS0.6/5S-SA automatic tracking and positioning jet extinguisher is easy to install and low in cost. It can be connected to a separate fire pipe network or fire hydrant network, and can also be connected to the network of water spray system. The comprehensive cost of the fire extinguishing device is about 30% lower than that of the traditional automatic sprinkler system. It is one of the most ideal high-tech fire protection products for the upgrading and upgrading of the hidden fire hazard project.

main argument
Jet radius 28m
Maximum protective radius 25m
Monitoring radius 30m
Positioning time ≤30s
Height of installation 6~15m
Rated flow 5L/s
Angular velocity of rotation 8°/s
Work environment 4℃~55℃
Rated working pressure 0.6MPa
Vertical rotation (-90°)~(+30°)
Horizontal rotation (-180°)~(+180°)
Interface diameter DN25(Thread)
Input voltage AC220V±10%
Fire detection method Detection of red and UV composite sensing
Water spray Straight forward swing
Outer size 230x220x240mm
Product weight 7.2kg