Dalian: a special investigation and regulation action to carry out the hidden danger of fire safety

      Reporter yesterday learned from Dalian City Public Security Bureau, to thoroughly implement the spirit of the party's nineteen, comprehensive management of social innovation, and effectively respond to the people hope, the construction of a higher level of "safe Dalian", the Municipal Public Security Bureau with the fire safety situation this winter and next spring, decided from now on to carry out fire safety hazard investigation and remediation special action within the city. Special action, the Municipal Public Security Bureau will focus on remediation based on four aspects, namely the fire safety legality, focus on checking whether without fire design, acceptance, without opening fire safety checks before put into use without authorization; whether the expansion, destruction of the building fire smoke separation; whether illegal structures such as temporary color steel plate fire resistance rating standards. The fire safety management of internal units, focus on checking whether the illegal use of fire, electricity, oil and gas, whether the violation of laying electrical lines, the flue is cleaned regularly, liquefied petroleum gas is required to set the bottle or by other independent groups in accordance with relevant provisions of the protection measures; whether the illegal storage of flammable and explosive chemicals, whether the excessive storage of goods; whether the implementation of fire safety management requirements, whether the implementation of the requirements of the "six plus one" and "hukou" management measures; whether the personnel live in public places of entertainment, shopping malls, factories and warehouses (market), underground construction in the "three in one" and "one place whether there is accommodation; whether in business, accommodation in one of the commercial shops accommodation staff more than 2 people. The spot check of fire control facilities, focus on examination of automatic fire facilities are effective linkage, regular maintenance of fire water supply system; whether the normal operation and meet the actual needs; smoke control system is good and effective. Rental housing fire safety management, focus on checking whether there are private pull random access wire, illegal use of electrical appliances, cluttered combustible debris and storage of flammable and explosive goods and other illegal phenomenon, is in accordance with the provisions of the use of fire, gas and oil. There is a problem of whether temporary illegal buildings, such as buildings, houses, warehouses, and other temporary illegal buildings occupy fire vehicle passages in the rental housing area. The rental housing of more than 10 people should be carried out at night, and the rental housing that does not have basic fire safety conditions should be banned. The Municipal Public Security Bureau responsible person, during the campaigns, the public security organs will be strict inspection standards, adhere to strict penalties, strike out, to make full use of quasi fire supervision and law enforcement measures, the implementation of "zero tolerance" to find the hidden problems and fire violations, the stop stop, the closure of the closure, the arrest of detention. Through the investigation and remediation actions to identify verified a number of serious influence public security fire hazards and unsafe factors, against a number of violations of fire laws and regulations of the units and individuals, to solve a number of weakening of the fire safety management problems, affecting a number of fire safety education ignored the public and groups, the formation of fire violations deterrent.