Baotou city departments jointly carry out fire safety inspection of industrial parks

To further strengthen production safety investigation major renovation work, the afternoon of August 15th, the Baotou government led City Jiuyuan District vice mayor Liu Shi, Jiuyuan District Fire Brigade led joint Jiuyuan District Council by the Bureau, Safety Supervision Bureau, market supervision and Management Bureau, Public Security Bureau, environmental protection bureau, Land Bureau, Industrial Park, the composition of the inspection team, in-depth nine industrial park to carry out joint inspection. Inspection teams were in deep development group chrome Technology Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Cheng Cheng industrial pipeline limited liability company for security checks. Inspection team listened to the people responsible for the safety work of the unit's report, the fire department for the key unit of fire facilities are intact; evacuation routes, evacuation stairways and exits unblocked; equipped with fire fighting equipment is complete; fire safety responsibility system are implemented; regularly organize staff training of fire extinguishers; fire hydrant and other fire fighting facilities and equipment, maintenance and maintenance of fire safety management is in place; whether the implementation of household registration were examined in detail. The inspection found that mintop group CR Technology Co Ltd of fire safety responsibility system is not in place, the software data is not perfect; Inner Mongolia Jun Cheng industrial pipeline limited liability company kitchen debris piled up lack of occupation safety exit, building fire extinguisher pressure; heat preservation workshop fire extinguisher configuration shortage. The supervisor of the brigade issued a notice of correction for the time limit for the two units, and required the units to complete the rectification of the above fire hazards within a given time limit. After the examination, the deputy mayor Liu Shi made a request of the two units: various units should attach great importance to the safety work, to further improve safety awareness, strengthen the staff training, implement the safety management system, to achieve comprehensive self-examination, correction, wipe out all kinds of security risks, security risks will be nipped in the bud, to ensure that the area security situation remained stable.