The Seventeenth International Fire equipment technology exhibition was held in Beijing in September

On the afternoon of August 22, 2017, the Seventeenth International Fire equipment technology exhibition was held in the media. China Network August 22nd hearing this afternoon, the Seventeenth International Fire Equipment Technology Exhibition held media ventilation, China Network and other 13 mainstream media were invited to attend. Cao Manggen, Secretary General of the China Fire Protection Association, presided over the meeting, and Fu Dongfeng, director of the exhibition department, introduced the preparations for the exhibition and the exhibitors. International fire show is approved by the People's Republic of China Ministry of public security and the Ministry of Commerce, sponsored by the Chinese Fire Protection Association, since 1986 successfully held the first session, has been successfully held sixteen sessions, has always been the majority of manufacturers and industry experts of all ages, has now become the world's largest and most complete exhibits and influential professional fire exhibition attracted widespread attention and praise at home and abroad fire circle. The seventeenth exhibition will be held at the Beijing New International Exhibition in September 5th this year to 8, the morning of September 5th 10 held a grand opening ceremony, the Ministry of public security and the Department of leadership and the domestic and foreign guests will attend the opening ceremony. At the briefing, Fu Dongfeng, director of the Convention and Exhibition Department, introduced the organization of the exhibition. After more than 30 years of development, the international fire equipment technology exhibition has gradually expanded, and the scale of exhibition, the content of science and technology, the number of spectators and social influence continue to hit a new high. This exhibition has come from the United States, Russia, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Austria, Holland, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Portugal and nearly 30 countries (regions) of the 726 manufacturers, testing agencies, scientific research units to enroll in the exhibition, and invited to the International Union of fire the person in charge of the industry association conference, well-known experts and scholars, multinational executives, Hong Kong and Macao exhibitors association is responsible for the fire. The exhibition of the total exhibition area of 110 thousand square meters, of which the fire vehicle Hall of 40 thousand square meters, fire equipment and equipment Hall of 30 thousand square meters, fire alarm and fire extinguishing equipment Hall of 30 thousand square meters, fire retardant materials and other products of the fire hall 10 thousand square meters. This exhibition will show fire vehicles at home and abroad, the latest development of the UAV, fire-fighting robot, firefighters personal equipment, rescue equipment, fire of Wisdom Series, fire alarm monitoring series, fire extinguishing system, fire prevention and fire retardant materials such as fire equipment and fire industry technology, covering the whole industry chain, all exhibitors have introduced new technologies and new products, greatly enhance the content of science and technology exhibition. As with independent intellectual property rights "double arms gun elevating fire engine, with a mechanical arm can close the valve, fire fighting robot portable infrared reconnaissance image acquisition and transmission system, environmental friendly fire extinguishing agents, wireless audio and video life detector, independent fire alarm, bicycle remote water supply system, fire control system, UAV the Internet of things sensing technology will become the highlight of the show. During the exhibition, the technical report will be organized in 26 field of fire prevention and fire rescue theme, presided over by the Tianjin Fire Research Institute of Ministry of public security, the Ministry of public security of Shenyang Fire Research Institute, Ministry of public security of Sichuan Fire Research Institute, Shanghai Fire Research Institute of the Ministry of public security experts. In addition, the Ministry of public security fire products conformity assessment center, the Langfang armed police academy, the Ministry of public security fire department regulations, Standards Department, the original experts, and more than 20 fire enterprises representatives on the new fire, fire and rescue special report. International Federation of Fire Protection Association conference, International Federation of Fire Protection Association of Asian chapter meeting also held at the exhibition period, from the United States, Britain, Denmark, Spain, Belgium, Germany, India, Pakistan, Australia, Egypt, South Africa, Nigeria, Slovenia, Malaysia, South Korea and other 26 countries of the association of fire more than 150 international representatives will attend, for discussion and Research on some hot issues of national experts and scholars on. During the exhibition, 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the public security fire department and more than 400 city police fire brigade, State Seismological Bureau, Ministry of Public Security Road Traffic Management Bureau, the PLA General Armament Department will organize personnel to visit the exhibition logistics equipment and carry out the purchase activities. Among them, the Beijing, Tianjin, Liaoning, Shandong, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Hebei public security fire brigade has made a clear tour of the exhibition schedule. More than 120 national grade qualification of construction engineering companies and engineering design and Research Institute will organize personnel to observe the scene of building fire fire protection products and technology, for the complete foreign aid project main equipment and materials industry products recommended list of product quality and good performance can be recommended for selected Ministry of Commerce International Economic Cooperation Bureau compiled ". In addition, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Burma, Philippines, the United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Kazakhstan and other countries will arrange for government procurement delegation to visit. Exhibitors have taken advantage of the excellent platform of this exhibition to carry out publicity activities. Shandong Guotai Fire Technology Co. Ltd. to perform at the opening ceremony of the firemen booth using the company's forest fire extinguishing agent, rescue the little girl in the forest fire, the visual impact of the shock; Sany Limited by Share Ltd held a press conference in the exposition; Beijing Intel Lai Technology Co. Ltd. by giving 15000 bottles of mineral water, ha ha to attract the audience's attention; HC fire network through the T station serves the way of holding fire brand launches. By then, China's fire magazine will also hold popular science propaganda activities. At the briefing, the media reporters at the meeting presented their own questions about the exhibition, and Secretary General Cao Manggen made a concluding speech. China Fire Protection Association as a sponsor of the exhibition