About us

      Dalian Shian science & technology CO.,Ltd  is a new and high technology Co., Ltd., which is based on the Dalian University of Technology, which is composed of scientific research personnel of the hospital, and the modern enterprise system is led by scientific research and development and new product development.

      The company takes the electromechanical control technology and the electronic sensing technology as the core, and uses the large space to automatically track and locate the jet fire extinguishing device as the leading product, which integrates research and development, production, sales and service. In January 2014, the company successfully launched the nationwide stock transfer system of small and medium-sized enterprises (new third board).

      The company has 24 patents, 10 software copyrights and software products, and the largest intellectual property company in the industry. The company always regards innovation as the soul of an enterprise and is fully embodied in the company's quality policy. At the beginning of the company's founding, the idea of "Transcending history, surpassing peers and surpassing ourselves" is the concept of innovation and development. 

Inspection Report and Patented:

The national 3C certificate:

The company's course:

The company was established in 2005

The ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification was passed in May 2006

Won 3A integrity enterprise certification in August 2006

In December 2007, it was identified as the high and new technology enterprise in Dalian

In February 28, 2008, "Shi an" and "SHIAN" were registered and trademarks were registered.

A display of China's excellent appearance design in May 2008

Winning the first prize in the excellent quality management group of the electronic information industry in July 2008

~2010 2009 to participate in the national industry standard "automatic tracking and positioning jet fire extinguishing system"

A national innovation fund was undertaken in ~2011 in 2009 and was successfully passed through acceptance in 2011.

Officially listed in the new three board market in January 2014, transaction code 430520

Mandatory certification of fire products in 2015

17 national national patents were awarded, including 3 national patents, 5 national design patents and 9 national utility model patents.